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About me

Dylan Maggiacomo is a member of the board of Journey to Hope, a nonprofit organization that offers money to Canadians who otherwise couldn't afford it for addiction treatment. Dylan Maggiacomo has noted that successful addiction treatment necessitates four attributes that aren't always present for those in need of assistance in his still-young professional career.

Dylan Maggiacomo claims that choosing to receive treatment
Treatment for addiction lessens symptoms and lowers the chance of relapsing into previous behaviours. Dylan Maggiacomo advises his clients that making a decision and making a commitment to alter your life are prerequisites for any positive transformation.

One Thought at a Time, Thinking Changes

Thoughts, ideas, and feelings might become warped and perplexed when anxiety, depression, and substance addiction disorders interact. Poor actions and negative outcomes are the result of inaccurate beliefs and fuzzy thinking.

According to Dylan Maggiacomo, part of the healing process entails taking a close, introspective look at one's ideas and sentiments to comprehend how they affect one's behavior and emotions. Thinking negatively results in poorly thought-out behaviors. Overcoming self-exaggerations, talk's misunderstandings, doubts, deceptions, unimportant concerns, and outright lies is a requirement for recovery. To overcome addiction, one must first change one's way of thinking.

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